One Lonely Cigarette

Have you ever seen a cartoon?

A red headlamp under the moon?

The small orange at the end of a cigarette?

Like the smokey cloud of text defining a thought that spells regret

Flowing aptly in the quiet of cricket chirps by a lake

Imagination in place of the memories we create

To live, is it better to have lived as a fake?

In the moonlight and the lime, with red cherry on the cake

A mistake and one avoided

To be toyed with

Till the end of outlined fate

In the box we did not create

A mold cast that will sit and wait

To be free of ➖

What is a soul?

If not the thought like an infinite hole

The fissure of omission

To throw a coin and put your wish in

Well, I wish you well

As I twist out these last embers

The smoke can never last

©️ The Sad Owl

From: You

The gone but not forgotten

æther of your being hanging like fruit in the skies

Sunsets; closing the rays of your breath I miss

The tarnished; mania succumbs not in

My heart pining, droning sounds of a star’s demise

Falling stars with wishes that die in words, this—

Sinking feeling; our pens dipped into the night sky


Tar heavily paved over the red; my passions

Setting fire to the dark, I a night owl

Lark; a morning spark, your lips imagine

Still inspire words on these pages

Even if you yourself, can not write them

The words that fell off your tongue

Still lick the sap that seals my letters

Written for you

© The Sad Owl


You sigh, waiting I wonder

In the day time

I dream still asleep under

Veil of night I’m

Awake in your dreams


Your memories it seems

The way you feel

Delicate nebula

Passing through my heart

Beating supernova

Nurse us back to the start

When we were alive and well

Our wishes shooting stars that fell

Earthly desire to know you

As back then

Even far apart I still do

Know you when

I saw you in the crowded streets of the city

The flaw of how fast my heart beats in me

Ticking time bomb as you shine

Brightly so, presence benign

You walk by so close but I

Let my wishes stay in the sky

I sigh — you sigh

Every afternoon passing by

© The Sad Owl