A Girl Named Taylor

I’ll still want to kiss your lips

Under the morning sun

Keep warm with you as winter nips

Cold skin not warm when one

Slow dance in the room even if too nervous

Hold you close and close our eyes as the worst is

Bound to come

Stay wound and spun

Lay your head on my shoulder

Close to my heart where it’s warmer

Faster, beating 

After bleeding

Steady rhythm and time is fleeting 

Ephemeral beauty, hidden in your home

Gently whispering crawling up to your door 

Don’t remain alone

I’ll be on the other side, waiting for you to open up again

In the sun of summer

© The Sad Owl

The Heart of Winter

Light whispers of something you said

Fill my ears with silent breaths

And wondrous 

Dreams of you fill my head

In flowered fields, to lay in beds

Far apart but still together

The greatest gift of my december

Just you breathing lightly

In cold air with a window open

And your smile is a sight to see

Something that keeps my hope in

All my love somehow reaching you

Where it is warm in winter weather

As I fall asleep, I still do

Want to remember

Every word you said

© The Sad Owl

Purple Heart

Under the yew in acrid taste; poison on my tongue

Where consternation grows as wild as this overgrowth

To have lived so long in the bitterness of a memory

Red passion, lights that signal; the end, stop.

As I try to pick up these small fragments

Fallen and cursed to grow into the now dyspeptic 

Grown ill and still, unmoving words cobble together becoming the plinth on which I petrify

I am terrified as the limberness and joy in my smile fall sullen 

The elasticity of my soul is too, waning 

Wrinkles in the fabric of time will hide who we were

Just as we hid away under warm sheets on cold winter nights

Pneumatic puffs creating small clouds in the dark, our heaven 

But the air here is transparent and without

Warm and preventing of a glacial cessation

My heart keeps beating violently defying the nature of its love 

Alone I try not to breathe so that it too can be blue 

© The Sad Owl