The Last Hope

A forest fire rages from the cackling laugh of embers

So hot that even aluminum shrinks into flattened bark

Ashes litter the ground, soot in the air

And the smell of life caught in a chaos

Sickening and fading

Echoes unheard through the roaring of the flames

Screaming to save the last seed

So that one day in what will be barren

Will come the first tree

And all the hope we will ever need

© The Sad Owl

Passing On

Rustling leaves along the smooth red fade of pyracantha 

Hummingbirds hover gracefully over trees

Fast wings will fly away with my mind chanting mantras

But the melody of my words are lost in bees 

Pollen to which I’m allergic they gather and bring to me

Mistaken because I am no queen, I sneeze

No peasant, no person, no love to which I’m chosen to be 

Just living on the surface, drifting with the breeze 

Peace, love and knowledge gently floating on the sea 

Under the sun I am who fell off, so I am what… Leaves?

Hoping to pass on what I have, I let go of my seeds.

© The Sad Owl