In amity, to hold on with longanimity

Light pink turns red

A clear tear can appear blue 

A bright fire can turn to sapphire

Cold and without feeling

Stay with me, I can’t believe the past becomes reality

While I remain presently in disbelief

A heavy sigh with no retake

Breath held to prevent a future, drowning in the same sorrow

Tomorrow only varies from today, slightly ever so

Leaves green turn to gold, red, and ash into snow 

Seasons pass and soon we go

To new places, see new faces

Time changes as it all ages

Photographs will keep your smile uncreased

Until they are folded over, forgotten

© The Sad Owl

Silhouette to Forget

One morning

To dissipate in the light

Window of my life

Toss and turning

In bedsheets strewn to sit upright

A headache slight 

Una mattina, to have sworn to seen a

The curtains cascade with the breeze

Dressed in a long shirt with pulled down sleeves

Too big and draped over my body, a ghost 

I could swear 

But words that are a sacrament scarcely suffice in fading whites and morning lights

The sclera with no iris

How I miss…

Time passes and at last it’s just another morning

Waking up, throat dry and eyes wet

To light another cigarette 

In the smoky silhouette I swear I saw 

The way time passes, in memories and eventually 

A present to me I can’t bear 

Somewhere in the past, there

In a future where

Things were different and I am confident in saying

I did not see anything 

© The Sad Owl


I could not understand amiss

Admist nothing and no situation

Where this sadness was born

The linger of a second-hand kiss

All its false loves and adoration

For what tears with no salt mourn

I wondered

Was it intuition 

And why so naturally


The vision

As a heart sank sadly

My hands like the clocks ran circles

Touching everything

To never be the same

©️ The Sad Owl

For a Moment

When still is still

Like words etched in stone

Forever here

After and after 

Forever and ever

Made for ever 

For always, a defunct motto

And always will be 

Sadly, solemnly

Solely take all of me 

Take my soul please

If you please

On my knees pray for me

I’ll pray for thee 

Pray it will be

Just a little longer

Whenever in an eternity 

© The Sad Owl

Tapas and Wine

We were laughing


What was it that we found so funny about that word

I wonder now as I lay by our favorite window seat

The rain tapping at the window

As if someone is calling to me

From somewhere far off

Splaying along the translucency

Like fingers spreading open to fit between mine

A body tired to retire 

Not inspired n’or ire

Sorrow quells a fire 

Happiness alone, says the liar 

Maybe it was just the way that Spanish cuisine makes fancy snacks

But we were happy with just tea and Graham crackers

“Tapas”, we laughed with smoked salmon and cream cheese making a mess 

Laughing because we weren’t even hungry and you were gesturing me to come change my wet clothes

Like a fish in the sea with no school to follow

The days of my youth and education have somehow left me lost 

I no longer sleep in that room, I prefer the window seat on rainy days

Still in my wet clothes… I hope I catch a cold 

©️ The Sad Owl


I don’t think you quite understood

Pocket watch with cracked quartz

Hands still

Can no longer reach for you

Frigid heart

Like a deer in headlights

Lips tremble

Shaking tea cups create nervous encounters

Strangers hold hands

When the imminent will overtake them

Love blooms as deep as the rabbit hole

How far? I don’t know.

How long? I will never know.

© The Sad Owl


The sunset’s orange

That much was obvious

Transformers on the powerlines lie dormant

Until the day winds down

Lights will shine through the windows of homes as people continue to live their lives

But somehow, much like the sunset that will transcend into moonlight


The transformers that will wake up energized

I’m still waiting

Living in the dark.

© The Sad Owl

Sleeping Sunrise

The aurum of just after day

Sincere and so serene

Golden sets of mannequins, they’re reaching for the sea

The plastic wishes fragile yet extreme

Washes away in our sleeping sunsets

I guess

No let’s —

Find our ever-after

Bathed in moonlit matter

Neon lights and laughter

Drunken stupor or dragging dancer

Just questions with no answers

Knowing that tomorrow is another day

Lie here in a dream

Runaway Anticipation

Breaking down anatomy

Lattice of our system chemically

Off the grid you won’t ever see me

Human desires; look upon me keenly

The hunt for the things that make us happy

Desperately, I run from obligations bound to trap me

How could it be you want the same so badly

Lust and love revolve in circles madly

A game of tag you almost had me

Time is never enough so sadly

Our feet are covered sandy

Slowing down; now knee deep, the hourglass succumbs to gravity

Cover us and all we see till nothing is left and we’ve had it we

Can no longer run in this desert under the sun, can it be?

The holes revealed in speculation of our little canopy

No longer shades your intentions for having me

Committing all the sins of simply living happily

© The Sad Owl