One night, just turned summer

Spring glimmer

Flowers germinate

One sight, one to another

Words simmer

As pupils dilate

Hungry and forlorn

Distant but never lost

Veering off to empty spaces

I often fill with you

At least the image

Mysterious and unfinished

Smile just slightly blemished 

Blush in which I relished

Laughs incite a heart attack

A smile Is only pain

Just a half grin from you

Is a rhythm no longer sane

A raw meal of fish swim soulfully

As still and unhindered, shyly and woefully

Your lips run through my mind

Each time they close and mine

How delicious is this sushi!?

© The Sad Owl

Drive Away

For as long as I can remember

I hated the way you drive


No respect for others

You hogged the road

And when others needed space

You showed no compassion

In all that time

I somehow got nowhere

You knew what was best

So did I

When the fork in the road came

I finally had my own vehicle

And a destination

Wherever you’re going

I don’t care

Morning Countdown

Lavender Lavender Lavender

The smell of her a reminder of how only in memories I will find her

Time blurs the images of those times and as I age I grow blinder

All life has a destination preset but on a different timer

Some countdown on clocks; others in sands

The grains slip through their fingers as they count the seconds down with their hands

Ten goes by too fast

Cats have too many lives

The rotation of infinity becomes finite

We are not so lucky to have second tries

I somehow still know your here

Not one of my senses though my dear

If all clovers grew like this

The third time would not be the charm

Just us entwined forever

Not much time remains till the alarm

Another dream from which I’m awoke


Another morning without you.

©The Sad Owl


Through your eyes I see

The reflection of a silver microphone in a black screen

You said you wanted me

To say something about it

What was it that you wanted me to say

No image on the tv gave only the sound of silence

The only way I could talk to you

The gain turned up and the microphone created distortion

Granular sound that would grow so much so

That I couldn’t even hear your questions any longer

The noise of our surroundings drowning out the sound

In pain

You closed your eyes and now you could see me


A Walk in The Dark (Act II)

Peeling bark and newborn cries

Concealed in the shame of her lies


Far off the wolves howl high

Into the moon new life nigh


Messes of her life she still tries

To no avail fails, a roll of the die


Hands hold cold corpses twin lives

Sink deeper together in two dive


Tears split water sharper than knives

Cut her cheeks open but still alive


Gills form she swims with the tides

The other life swims within inside


© The Sad Owl


You sigh, waiting I wonder

In the day time

I dream still asleep under

Veil of night I’m

Awake in your dreams


Your memories it seems

The way you feel

Delicate nebula

Passing through my heart

Beating supernova

Nurse us back to the start

When we were alive and well

Our wishes shooting stars that fell

Earthly desire to know you

As back then

Even far apart I still do

Know you when

I saw you in the crowded streets of the city

The flaw of how fast my heart beats in me

Ticking time bomb as you shine

Brightly so, presence benign

You walk by so close but I

Let my wishes stay in the sky

I sigh — you sigh

Every afternoon passing by

© The Sad Owl

A Walk in The Dark (Act I)

Skin sheen glisten in the moonlight

Soft dove no peace uptakes flight


Forest flourish orchids in the night

Darkest beasts hide fear holds tight


Porcelain maiden white dress with skin light

Tears fall blurr ponds both eyes lose sight


Escaping feelings those who lose the will to fight

Blind prey prays to survive an encapsulating night


Run barefooted bloodied skirt tattered tights  

Heavy breathing howling labored push might


© The Sad Owl


If love becomes a chore

This job I will love no more

Deadlines become dead ends

Unfinished work becomes trends

The peak of my undoing, the good left undone

At the top, a mountain with a view of the sun

Daylight pours through the window of my soul

My bedroom I’ve left behind, my regrets none

This love will move my pen if not my heart with a hole

Fill it with words of sundry

If none other than these pages love me

Even if some are of filth and muddy

I still play here, joyful as pigs and kids

Rubber boots and puddles mix

Betwixt the rain and sun are candids

Moments I appreciate in my craft

© The Sad Owl


I’d hear small quibble quick

Voices meek, weak a little sick

Wrongdoing, man is judged in his ways

The fruit of his doing, the words he will say

Small talks go on about

Large monumental actions

Unfounded and with doubt

Splits a race into factions  

Discrimination facing the faces

Dividing relations splitting to races

Leaving traces of civilization in places

Of ruins, this ancestral home belonged to them before

Have we forgotten or will we too know no more

Of this grave as we bury ourselves in this state of decay

Talks of bright futures fade, tomorrow will never be today

What will remain will be our remains that will stay

And on top of our soils we will be built on

The same as we have done

Time — it waits for none.