All of the Stars

My heart fell deeply

Into an abyssal drop

Kettle with an abysmal top

Boils over

With no one left to hold the warmness of all I am up

Hold my hands together, to pray and just for what

Cold inside my chest, I rub vigorously at a hollow cage

Warm inside my cheeks, a foreheads wrinkled rage

With age I have found peace, fire doused by the water of life 

Waves come in and just release, the sun is never hot at night

And the knife, buried deep inside the sand becomes brittle glass

As if to return to the only earth it knows, twist and turn till at last

Nightmares in desert winds have nothing to howl against

From whence

Why? Hold in false pretense

The apple of my eye

Oasis in the dust

Fresh springs off the river run through rock

So pure and delicious

In the heat I had my wishes

But the steam is running out

And your skins’ complexion no longer shines

Like the stars at night, or the sun in the sky

Another star is born, to shine its light and die

© The Sad Owl

Far in The Stars

How much?

I span the stars 

Looking for you I can pick you out

You’re the brightest

When you smile I just can’t fight it

A beating in my heart

That could stop time, so tight it 

Squeezes me in my core

Butterflies flitter wildly 

As I wander while we

Wait for what seems an eternity 

To have your hands in mine 

© The Sad Owl

Star Light

What does it mean to have a soul at rest?

I wander, along the shore where waves lightly brush the sand.

The glimmer of salted grains reflect the stars and darken as they eclipse behind clouds.

My footprints wash away along with the light.

I wonder, will I too disappear so peacefully and so suddenly? Will I be cleansed of all my wrongdoings?

Will I be baptized by the sea and forgiven on a wish for a falling star?

Would anyone wish on me if I was falling just for them?

And if so, what would they wish?

I was not born to walk on water and the further I walk, the deeper I get.

It isn’t this sinking feeling that will be my undoing but the way I can’t breathe above water.

Even here, I am disappearing. 

©️ The Sad Owl


You sigh, waiting I wonder

In the day time

I dream still asleep under

Veil of night I’m

Awake in your dreams


Your memories it seems

The way you feel

Delicate nebula

Passing through my heart

Beating supernova

Nurse us back to the start

When we were alive and well

Our wishes shooting stars that fell

Earthly desire to know you

As back then

Even far apart I still do

Know you when

I saw you in the crowded streets of the city

The flaw of how fast my heart beats in me

Ticking time bomb as you shine

Brightly so, presence benign

You walk by so close but I

Let my wishes stay in the sky

I sigh — you sigh

Every afternoon passing by

© The Sad Owl