“Never Again”

Never again

Will I feel sweet supple lips that couple around mine a bitter kiss that I will miss


Will I fall for your slick words and cherry lipstick the way you spark a small wick


Melting wax on a candlestick your words trick sputtering flames to spit and lick


Ceasing creeping flames inhabit the wood pipe of my habit an addiction to have it

Never again

Will you hold me; breathe out smoke in my ears slowly, warm a swarm your words


Go unheard it’s absurd I can’t stop listening to what comes next, your allure


I fall victim but be sure that this time my actions and words will ensure

That I say, “never again”

Never again

© The Sad Owl

Sleeping Party

All the invited show

But I am too nervous to face them

I hideaway in the confines of the only space I know

My head in my pillow

Where I often go

To weep as the willow, I plant myself deep

If I can’t see what I miss

I feign ignorance for bliss

I wait for the clock to countdown till the lot

Clears from my home

In my room alone, I hear the sound of laughter

A happiness for which, the pursuit I am not after

I sometimes raise my head and wonder

If only I could leave this place

Perhaps in another life things could be different

The eventual silence soothes me to sleep

A soundless slumber in faceless dreams

Names I will soon forget

In the end, nothing is different