Do Whatever

To convince you that I’m not a ghost or stranger

Wind in the air or a mist on the range or

Rainbows just after and a sun blaze with anger

Red in the face with passion

It is not the things I care not for, those will pass

The things I have hope for, I want to last 

Like the linger of your scent or nails running down my arm

In peace as we lie just outside of harm

Where at any moment, to disagree

We all could implode, viciously

The way I see you look at me

Maybe, there is only one 

© The Sad Owl

Loves me Not (part 3)

It’s all the things you don’t say that sometimes seem to be screaming at me blatantly 

That make me think you fancy me or that I simply have thought complacently 

Erasing me 

Would be okay

I could look the other way

Even if somewhere inside

I’d had hoped you asked me to stay 

To play

The innocence of day by day

The most mundane yet somehow pained

Feelings that could go unexplained 

I had to ask 

Do you like me?

© The Sad Owl

Loves me Not (part 2)

Why was it that as my life grew happier, fuller, fulfilled and answered for

That I thought to question about you

Inquiries of a random passing by conversation 

Of no relation to my bountiful inundation 

Made me want to swim back to the surface

A breath of fresh air that once seemed worthless

Became a wind that could carry your words

So few and so precious

As ash that was once flesh is

©️ The Sad Owl

Loves Me Not (part 1)

Unsullied and unbiased 

Folly for eyes so often in the ground

Meeting their earthy gaze and sparkle

Plant seeds in my mind

Flowering the long stems of your eyelashes

Batting like you might fly away 

The small mole, a black hole 

Hiding right beneath your chin

I could swear sometimes you have words to say that

Are simply sucked in and, swallowed before they can ever leave your mouth

The way I catch you, quickly looking away makes me grin

You smiling makes me smile

And I don’t even know why

© The Sad Owl

Just Drinking

It’s probably just a habit

Certainly and forsooth 

Whisky glasses’ ice turn like planets

Sadly the way I move

Jagged, ridged, redd

Lagging head and dread 

I can’t tidy my mind though

Something like the way you make my heart slow 

Love as blind as the ocean deep

Dreams of you as I sleep 

Memories of us and I’m sinking

Deep breaths that keep me drowning

Underwater, thought of her 

Sought after, distant laughter

I can’t get past there 

A heart beat faster

That I don’t want to remember, it never lasts forever

© The Sad Owl

Is This Heartbreak?

There is a hole, heart blackened accent

Happy accident

Tears the soul apart, all when it went

The imminent 

Just like coal, start a fire in its burnt scent 

Not heaven sent

Hellish laughter followed after

Lost in math that hath no number 

Relished drafter, final product for her

Words that can only count the ways I loved you 

© The Sad Owl

Life Happens

The distance grows further

With every word untouched

Your tongue used to transfer to mine

Everything you ever worried about

Sharing your grief, the sorrow

All goodnights and see you tomorrow

But the sun is up

And perhaps we have given

Far too much to simply walk away

A decision in a sky that’s gray

Where the light is hidden

As I happily hid in

The dark

© The Sad Owl