Drive Away

For as long as I can remember

I hated the way you drive


No respect for others

You hogged the road

And when others needed space

You showed no compassion

In all that time

I somehow got nowhere

You knew what was best

So did I

When the fork in the road came

I finally had my own vehicle

And a destination

Wherever you’re going

I don’t care


Through your eyes I see

The reflection of a silver microphone in a black screen

You said you wanted me

To say something about it

What was it that you wanted me to say

No image on the tv gave only the sound of silence

The only way I could talk to you

The gain turned up and the microphone created distortion

Granular sound that would grow so much so

That I couldn’t even hear your questions any longer

The noise of our surroundings drowning out the sound

In pain

You closed your eyes and now you could see me