The ebb tide seems far with the reflection of the moon

Long orange streaks and golden ribbons in the afternoon

Starry tears fall with the flow lost in the majesty of the ocean 

In motion emotion clenching fists so tight as if to take beholden

Owing the gratitude to feel even if I don’t feel alright 

Throwing up an attitude carefree but in spite 

Despite the things I said, you said

My head, hold me

Lay me in your lap 

Like a dog loyal to a fault

I’ve laid here too long for your affections

And now need new direction

To walk away from promises of better

That will never 

If ever, the time is now

And we’ve run out

© The Sad Owl

Silhouette to Forget

One morning

To dissipate in the light

Window of my life

Toss and turning

In bedsheets strewn to sit upright

A headache slight 

Una mattina, to have sworn to seen a

The curtains cascade with the breeze

Dressed in a long shirt with pulled down sleeves

Too big and draped over my body, a ghost 

I could swear 

But words that are a sacrament scarcely suffice in fading whites and morning lights

The sclera with no iris

How I miss…

Time passes and at last it’s just another morning

Waking up, throat dry and eyes wet

To light another cigarette 

In the smoky silhouette I swear I saw 

The way time passes, in memories and eventually 

A present to me I can’t bear 

Somewhere in the past, there

In a future where

Things were different and I am confident in saying

I did not see anything 

© The Sad Owl

Sorely Mistaken

The simplicity of a heart devoted

Ring already binding

Tightly to the aorta 

Closing a valve to ink that noted

The very life of finding

Disconcerted in a plethora 

Small grapes that sour

Make fine wine for my saddest hour 

Drink until I no longer cower

Ask my question to find no answer 

Dance of madness all around her

Till we both smile embarrassed

And fall back on this bed

© The Sad Owl

In Discord

Hourglass to umbra

The time spent in shadows

So light and heartfelt

Wine in the bloodstream

Not meant for us we fumble the stars and words hallow

Pray we might leave well

Supple torn supplied seam 

It would seem that the sand is running low

The ground dug out just below

And tired eyes shutter, blue veins carry the cold 

Hands come together to capture the soul 

And I giveth all my heart

For a fortnight I lie awake

As these seams are torn apart

And my heart you’d not take 

My blood, bones and sinew 

Mind, body and sin we knew

To sacrifice all for you

I pray once more, lonely

If only

To speak to voiceless bodies

© The Sad Owl

Sun Dried


In the dark fearing

Hands of the clock stop

So minute, fragile and falling

Like the length of a hair stretched to its end

Broken and holding onto the faintest scent

So quiet like a ghostly whisper calling

Asking how was our time before then

Taken with the wind where it went

The way you sit in the moonlight

And glow brighter than the stars at night

Gone now with the days like my dreams

©  The Sad Owl

Just Drinking

It’s probably just a habit

Certainly and forsooth 

Whisky glasses’ ice turn like planets

Sadly the way I move

Jagged, ridged, redd

Lagging head and dread 

I can’t tidy my mind though

Something like the way you make my heart slow 

Love as blind as the ocean deep

Dreams of you as I sleep 

Memories of us and I’m sinking

Deep breaths that keep me drowning

Underwater, thought of her 

Sought after, distant laughter

I can’t get past there 

A heart beat faster

That I don’t want to remember, it never lasts forever

© The Sad Owl


Contorted blue hue mix swivel center black

Distorted turns like a tornado, abyss to not come back

Sink in deep waters, drown liquor, sicker than a ship, toss and turn more violently than the waves

Weather storms , black clouds thicker, lightning flicker, disappear behind the door of a mind turned into caves

Stalactites line the ceiling as water drops call to a place familiar

Echoes travel through to ask if there is still a will here

To push through pain and suffering

To meet the eyes of indifference without stuttering

To not bat a lash, or say a single thing, do not mutter

Gain strength like no other

And sacrifice the lover

Who never loved themselves

© The Sad Owl

Caught the Quarantine

What was it that I saw that night

Small chill in the wind, icy words took flight

I wondered or perhaps wandered, aimlessly

Without a notion of the anger it gave me

Walking into the dark in a frame till we

Painted over the past

Was it the regrets still eating their last

If the supper of sin were not so tempestuous

Can we forget it? These memories infectious

Like a virus, spreading so quickly between the gyri and every sulcus

To be so alone and not alone when the same, I sulk for us

Can I ask? Are you scared, even just a little?

That something in the past still leaves you riddled

With hope that it will come to pass

And that we’ll be moving on at last

Somewhere in the stars I made many wishes

But I just don’t see them the way I used to

© The Sad Owl

The Birds

We are family

Flock and fairly

To be so weary

Wearily reefing

Cutting the wind

Lights be dimmed

Arranged in our seating

Did I lose you in our organization

Was it the impulsive me with imagination

That you thought so highly of and sought after

While I aimlessly fought for your smiles and laughter

Does it scare you now that I will most probably never return

And that the flames of our love and kisses of lust, will never once more burn

© The Sad Owl