All Tied Up

Whimsical and sick

Delighted though distraught

Diseased and can’t resist

With heart lessened, learned to not

Perturbed and taught to be tied in knots

Restricted, each breath comes to a stop

Halted in the silence then loud gasps in a struggle

To be swimming but losing energy

Trying to find you in some distant memory

Beginning to drown, reality is hard to swallow

To have no fears if what it means is to follow

I reach out and grasp at nothing

Desperation or hope

Maybe both

Underwater where you spoke

A piece of rope that simply broke

But still tied to you forever

© The Sad Owl

First Love

Never the same


Paradigm blame 

Lost ignited flame

The lessons

Pleasures and sundries

Now none to me

What comes to be

My belief

I reached for you a many after

You can never forget your first love

Silk smiles tighten the matter

Gray hairs grow with wrinkles of laughter

Time follows suit below and above

Its fabric made of memories tattered

Tainted and colored into a

Beautiful thing

Worn gown in the night swallows the moonlight

Envelops the heart blind becomes hindsight

Grayscale in cigarette smoke

Tar erupts between blossoming red lips

Lipstick smears along my cheek in violent streaks


I walk beneath the stars; timid light in the dark that’s weak

Falling stars hold wishes for the ones who weep 

Hold fast to dreams of only a peaceful sleep 

Resting heads come together 

The thought forever 

To only remember

©️ The Sad Owl


What was it in my dreaming


Farewells final; waving hands


The motions of black and white film grain meander

The entities of my soul become indicators of my beings

Why so many?

I wonder are broken hearts bleeding

Leaking memories of times we forgot

A broken hourglass our clock

Losing time

And all that I’ve got

The afterthought of what now is not

© The Sad Owl