Take Out

Can I have the moon to go?

Dimly lit chamber holds the soul

Empty appetite leaves one whole

Gaze into the stars

With less luster than her eyes

Admire from afar

Feel further than the sky is

A smile is

Sweet temperament

Bitter torment

Curt silence

Cute demeanor

A seance

A ghost, to have seen her

More seasoned memories

That make me a believer

In wishing on fallen stars

© The Sad Owl

Night Mare

The eyeless visionaries with dreams to disseminate 

When malice grips the heart it becomes a dark horse

Sight becomes marred as the dirt kicks up

Steam will exit the equine 

Short bursts of passion spurring forward

Until the marrow too runs dry 

When the sweet delight of high raised cheekbones

Turn to dust and whisper in the wind 

Lightly caressing the absence of a smile 

Tears fall on invisible fingertips 

Guiding them away to clear up the kaleidoscope

Fragmented and hurt 

Experiences and memories 

Clarity and hope fettered 

Praying for a key to the back of our minds

Bring us back to the stable

©️ The Sad Owl

Tapas and Wine

We were laughing


What was it that we found so funny about that word

I wonder now as I lay by our favorite window seat

The rain tapping at the window

As if someone is calling to me

From somewhere far off

Splaying along the translucency

Like fingers spreading open to fit between mine

A body tired to retire 

Not inspired n’or ire

Sorrow quells a fire 

Happiness alone, says the liar 

Maybe it was just the way that Spanish cuisine makes fancy snacks

But we were happy with just tea and Graham crackers

“Tapas”, we laughed with smoked salmon and cream cheese making a mess 

Laughing because we weren’t even hungry and you were gesturing me to come change my wet clothes

Like a fish in the sea with no school to follow

The days of my youth and education have somehow left me lost 

I no longer sleep in that room, I prefer the window seat on rainy days

Still in my wet clothes… I hope I catch a cold 

©️ The Sad Owl

First Love

Never the same


Paradigm blame 

Lost ignited flame

The lessons

Pleasures and sundries

Now none to me

What comes to be

My belief

I reached for you a many after

You can never forget your first love

Silk smiles tighten the matter

Gray hairs grow with wrinkles of laughter

Time follows suit below and above

Its fabric made of memories tattered

Tainted and colored into a

Beautiful thing

Worn gown in the night swallows the moonlight

Envelops the heart blind becomes hindsight

Grayscale in cigarette smoke

Tar erupts between blossoming red lips

Lipstick smears along my cheek in violent streaks


I walk beneath the stars; timid light in the dark that’s weak

Falling stars hold wishes for the ones who weep 

Hold fast to dreams of only a peaceful sleep 

Resting heads come together 

The thought forever 

To only remember

©️ The Sad Owl

One Wrong is no Right

It was wrong of me but the only right thing to do

As the red in your cheeks turned to pure porcelain 

What else could I do but hold a hand to them as the color drained

The warmth of your skin fled till only cold remained

The purse of your lips now wide open would no longer call my name 

How could I say we would be happy, you were my happiest 

The most important woman of my life, became my sadness

For all the smiles and time you gave me

I could only return this one moment with tears

The greatest treasure of my world & in it my darkest fears

That all we ever had, would surely one day disappear 

The last time would be like the first, as I held you near

Our hearts stopped for just a moment 

But this time would not be the same after

Or ever again

The time we spent filling our lives 

With places and memories that have left me

Without one half the other becomes empty 

Two optimists are bound for the disaster 

That is, there is no happily ever after

©The Sad Owl


What was it in my dreaming


Farewells final; waving hands


The motions of black and white film grain meander

The entities of my soul become indicators of my beings

Why so many?

I wonder are broken hearts bleeding

Leaking memories of times we forgot

A broken hourglass our clock

Losing time

And all that I’ve got

The afterthought of what now is not

© The Sad Owl

From: You

The gone but not forgotten

æther of your being hanging like fruit in the skies

Sunsets; closing the rays of your breath I miss

The tarnished; mania succumbs not in

My heart pining, droning sounds of a star’s demise

Falling stars with wishes that die in words, this—

Sinking feeling; our pens dipped into the night sky


Tar heavily paved over the red; my passions

Setting fire to the dark, I a night owl

Lark; a morning spark, your lips imagine

Still inspire words on these pages

Even if you yourself, can not write them

The words that fell off your tongue

Still lick the sap that seals my letters

Written for you

© The Sad Owl