Loves Me Not (part 1)

Unsullied and unbiased 

Folly for eyes so often in the ground

Meeting their earthy gaze and sparkle

Plant seeds in my mind

Flowering the long stems of your eyelashes

Batting like you might fly away 

The small mole, a black hole 

Hiding right beneath your chin

I could swear sometimes you have words to say that

Are simply sucked in and, swallowed before they can ever leave your mouth

The way I catch you, quickly looking away makes me grin

You smiling makes me smile

And I don’t even know why

© The Sad Owl

From: You

The gone but not forgotten

æther of your being hanging like fruit in the skies

Sunsets; closing the rays of your breath I miss

The tarnished; mania succumbs not in

My heart pining, droning sounds of a star’s demise

Falling stars with wishes that die in words, this—

Sinking feeling; our pens dipped into the night sky


Tar heavily paved over the red; my passions

Setting fire to the dark, I a night owl

Lark; a morning spark, your lips imagine

Still inspire words on these pages

Even if you yourself, can not write them

The words that fell off your tongue

Still lick the sap that seals my letters

Written for you

© The Sad Owl


It was pointy

The sharpness of a pinprick; needle

For the various mistakes that I –

would often try to mend


The wincing of a forced smile; feeble

For all the time borrowed that I –

will not give back again

I am sadly

Reading letters from then

A present from the past that I –

remember from when we were two people


I still tend to pick up my pen

Writing tender words about you

Every now and then but I –

am what remains unread

© The Sad Owl

Short Breath

The way.

The veil of clouded vision

I can’t.

Find the light within, and

I stop.

For just a brazen moment

We stop.

Myself and time itself

Let go.

Take a breath, it will be okay.

I know.

To think we thought it would work out

It won’t.

Not even with a hope of somehow

We go.

Go alone, our separate ways

We live.

The time moves with us until

We die.  

Such a short breath, taken away.

This life.