That Way

Emerald stars wane

Engulfed in crimson beauty

The moon red as ruby

Casting onto the sky

Small figures in the shadows run to tall grass

Hide with hands clasped

Praying for safe passage

Tonight is the night

The end of all opulence

The sky is swallowing the sea

To quench a thirst for the undesirable

Small white sclera protrude the dark

As the pinpoints of the pupils sink deeper into the abyss

They can no longer see eye to eye

The moon or stars or sky

The questions and conscience of…why?

And what they were ever after

And when will after ever be

After an eclipse to wait and see

Or dark eternally

Waiting for the light

©️The Sad Owl

One Lonely Cigarette

Have you ever seen a cartoon?

A red headlamp under the moon?

The small orange at the end of a cigarette?

Like the smokey cloud of text defining a thought that spells regret

Flowing aptly in the quiet of cricket chirps by a lake

Imagination in place of the memories we create

To live, is it better to have lived as a fake?

In the moonlight and the lime, with red cherry on the cake

A mistake and one avoided

To be toyed with

Till the end of outlined fate

In the box we did not create

A mold cast that will sit and wait

To be free of ➖

What is a soul?

If not the thought like an infinite hole

The fissure of omission

To throw a coin and put your wish in

Well, I wish you well

As I twist out these last embers

The smoke can never last

©️ The Sad Owl

All of the Stars

My heart fell deeply

Into an abyssal drop

Kettle with an abysmal top

Boils over

With no one left to hold the warmness of all I am up

Hold my hands together, to pray and just for what

Cold inside my chest, I rub vigorously at a hollow cage

Warm inside my cheeks, a foreheads wrinkled rage

With age I have found peace, fire doused by the water of life 

Waves come in and just release, the sun is never hot at night

And the knife, buried deep inside the sand becomes brittle glass

As if to return to the only earth it knows, twist and turn till at last

Nightmares in desert winds have nothing to howl against

From whence

Why? Hold in false pretense

The apple of my eye

Oasis in the dust

Fresh springs off the river run through rock

So pure and delicious

In the heat I had my wishes

But the steam is running out

And your skins’ complexion no longer shines

Like the stars at night, or the sun in the sky

Another star is born, to shine its light and die

© The Sad Owl


In amity, to hold on with longanimity

Light pink turns red

A clear tear can appear blue 

A bright fire can turn to sapphire

Cold and without feeling

Stay with me, I can’t believe the past becomes reality

While I remain presently in disbelief

A heavy sigh with no retake

Breath held to prevent a future, drowning in the same sorrow

Tomorrow only varies from today, slightly ever so

Leaves green turn to gold, red, and ash into snow 

Seasons pass and soon we go

To new places, see new faces

Time changes as it all ages

Photographs will keep your smile uncreased

Until they are folded over, forgotten

© The Sad Owl

Bed Head

Before the clouds grow black

They are gray

Before the sun shines, to bask in the moon

With starry eyes and heavy lids

Dreams of what no longer is 

Throbbing in my shoulder

Locking of my knee

Weakness in my wrist

All the injuries of my youth

I can feel the rain before it comes

I am sad before I sleep

I sleep as heavy as the downpour

Calmly when it’s light

Where I am happy in my imagination—

But what of a rainy week?

Where I live in my head

So many hours spent asleep

Living like the dead

© The Sad Owl

The Last Hope

A forest fire rages from the cackling laugh of embers

So hot that even aluminum shrinks into flattened bark

Ashes litter the ground, soot in the air

And the smell of life caught in a chaos

Sickening and fading

Echoes unheard through the roaring of the flames

Screaming to save the last seed

So that one day in what will be barren

Will come the first tree

And all the hope we will ever need

© The Sad Owl

Lover’s Lament

It breaks my heart, again

To see us reassemble the pieces

Only to find that

This isn’t working out 

What was it I saw in your eyes

If they were not yours

When your voice went shrill

Or weak with fatigue

How I wanted to hold you

Carry you to a restful place

The silence in your breaths as you drift off

And I wished you sweet dreams

Now I wish you well

On the journey to find yourself

I walk my own way on an unknown path

A light so bright in which you won’t follow

So separate again 

Leave our middle hollow

Shaven bark makes us coarse

Distressed and with no discourse

No argument or flame

No beat or sounds the same 

Your laughter and smile if at the cost of my accuracy

I would fumble all of life to see and hear it

And perhaps that is why I should walk away

Before the sight of you holds me

The way I wanted to hold you

Until the very last moment

When you take my breath away 

© The Sad Owl

Burn Out to Fade Away

Ocherous flame dances the same

Flicker and untamed, gentle crackles, call a name

Myrrh scented candles illuminate the room

One last time always seems to soon

Auburn hair burned wildly here

Memories of a yesteryear 

When they all finally burn out

So too will my heart melt like the wax

And into the dark with no whereabouts 

To stop and relax 

© The Sad Owl

Slow Dance

A nervous mess

In the wake of what is

To finally meet you

Feet growing cold

Runaway with my heart

Not so bold

After all, spreading cold fingers apart

In my mind I dance with you to warm up

For what feels like the finish of a wait 

Is just the start

Of something great

Your doe eyes starry sparkles will cry mine dry

Every now and so I think I could die

When I hear you laugh, know your smile

In the aftermath of a mess too wild

Penning out the night sky just to be by your side

Sleeping peace inside

Calm collected stride

Dancing heart outside, back to life and to you

Let me hold you closer

© The Sad Owl