Loves me Not (part 2)

Why was it that as my life grew happier, fuller, fulfilled and answered for

That I thought to question about you

Inquiries of a random passing by conversation 

Of no relation to my bountiful inundation 

Made me want to swim back to the surface

A breath of fresh air that once seemed worthless

Became a wind that could carry your words

So few and so precious

As ash that was once flesh is

©️ The Sad Owl

Is This Heartbreak?

There is a hole, heart blackened accent

Happy accident

Tears the soul apart, all when it went

The imminent 

Just like coal, start a fire in its burnt scent 

Not heaven sent

Hellish laughter followed after

Lost in math that hath no number 

Relished drafter, final product for her

Words that can only count the ways I loved you 

© The Sad Owl