That Way

Emerald stars wane

Engulfed in crimson beauty

The moon red as ruby

Casting onto the sky

Small figures in the shadows run to tall grass

Hide with hands clasped

Praying for safe passage

Tonight is the night

The end of all opulence

The sky is swallowing the sea

To quench a thirst for the undesirable

Small white sclera protrude the dark

As the pinpoints of the pupils sink deeper into the abyss

They can no longer see eye to eye

The moon or stars or sky

The questions and conscience of…why?

And what they were ever after

And when will after ever be

After an eclipse to wait and see

Or dark eternally

Waiting for the light

©️The Sad Owl


In amity, to hold on with longanimity

Light pink turns red

A clear tear can appear blue 

A bright fire can turn to sapphire

Cold and without feeling

Stay with me, I can’t believe the past becomes reality

While I remain presently in disbelief

A heavy sigh with no retake

Breath held to prevent a future, drowning in the same sorrow

Tomorrow only varies from today, slightly ever so

Leaves green turn to gold, red, and ash into snow 

Seasons pass and soon we go

To new places, see new faces

Time changes as it all ages

Photographs will keep your smile uncreased

Until they are folded over, forgotten

© The Sad Owl


I don’t think you quite understood

Pocket watch with cracked quartz

Hands still

Can no longer reach for you

Frigid heart

Like a deer in headlights

Lips tremble

Shaking tea cups create nervous encounters

Strangers hold hands

When the imminent will overtake them

Love blooms as deep as the rabbit hole

How far? I don’t know.

How long? I will never know.

© The Sad Owl

Inner Peace

Tranquility on the lake results in a perfect reflection

Gentle breezes rustle the leaves of trees above

Some too old and weak fall gently

Small ripples but the images still remain

The same

Diving bells make their way across the turbulence

Riding tides of small green curled boats and then

Disappear into the depths

If you were to look in, you could see the bottom

Of yourself

Morning Countdown

Lavender Lavender Lavender

The smell of her a reminder of how only in memories I will find her

Time blurs the images of those times and as I age I grow blinder

All life has a destination preset but on a different timer

Some countdown on clocks; others in sands

The grains slip through their fingers as they count the seconds down with their hands

Ten goes by too fast

Cats have too many lives

The rotation of infinity becomes finite

We are not so lucky to have second tries

I somehow still know your here

Not one of my senses though my dear

If all clovers grew like this

The third time would not be the charm

Just us entwined forever

Not much time remains till the alarm

Another dream from which I’m awoke


Another morning without you.

©The Sad Owl


Through your eyes I see

The reflection of a silver microphone in a black screen

You said you wanted me

To say something about it

What was it that you wanted me to say

No image on the tv gave only the sound of silence

The only way I could talk to you

The gain turned up and the microphone created distortion

Granular sound that would grow so much so

That I couldn’t even hear your questions any longer

The noise of our surroundings drowning out the sound

In pain

You closed your eyes and now you could see me


Hearts of Time

Blackened bark in a disparate forest

Where the hearts of the unrequited hang like fruit

Tied by a noose that could not forget

Ropes of memories created this cemetery

Fairly but far

Screams in the distance

As blood fed the soil below

No monsters here

No fear

Only the disdain and mistreat

Our own demons

The heart, the place of most deceit

If you were to walk through

The shroud of age

Would surely trap you


To run away from a youth

Better forgotten

But there is no choice

This soil asks for you

You can hear its voice

A gentle weep that creeps behind

A telltale sign of the time

How sublime, mother nature awaits the return

In life, a breath so deep

In death a silence, we sleep

Our hearts have always belonged here

Mother earth will always be waiting

The home we left

The theft, to steal peeks above our depth

We collected for her, all these stories to reminisce

A fairy tale before the goodnight kiss

A time we will soon forget to miss

When this soil erodes

It will be buried in the sands of time.


The Shade

The opportunity finds itself

Wilting, fading to gray

Never here to stay

I failed to seize the day

And watched it slip away

Just out of reach

Where the rays of sun gleam

And I close my  eyes to sleep

In a shade of dreams

The cutrains close and open scenes

Passing in an instance

Or just to me it seems

Watching this play, pass by pass away

Under the shade of sleep where forever I will lay

And into never ending dreams where forever I will stay