Idyllic Diamond

What will people think? 

They will think whatever they desire to think

Lithe figure bodaciously dancing into the dark

The quiescent twilight where you shone through 

Calling out to a time we could call our halcyon drift

Floating gently in a crystalline unison 

Broken apart at the edges in 58 reflections

Of the most solid feeling I’ve ever had

Staying true to my emotions I still call back

Your name in return

Strangers look strangely 

But they will think whatever they want to think

As I continue to think about

The only one I ever want to think about

© The Sad Owl


Purveyor of emotions

Could not sell a smile 

Kisses from hell are passionate 

Would you not take me with you? 

Life disappears in a motion

We only breathe a while

Lost in desire, left behind a passion pit 

The things we seek after are few

Safety for the soul

Peace for our rest 

Warmth to hold the cold

Wishing all the best

The hot air of your breath

No longer whisper the words 

That made me smile freely 

You can’t buy happiness

© The Sad Owl

Runaway Anticipation

Breaking down anatomy

Lattice of our system chemically

Off the grid you won’t ever see me

Human desires; look upon me keenly

The hunt for the things that make us happy

Desperately, I run from obligations bound to trap me

How could it be you want the same so badly

Lust and love revolve in circles madly

A game of tag you almost had me

Time is never enough so sadly

Our feet are covered sandy

Slowing down; now knee deep, the hourglass succumbs to gravity

Cover us and all we see till nothing is left and we’ve had it we

Can no longer run in this desert under the sun, can it be?

The holes revealed in speculation of our little canopy

No longer shades your intentions for having me

Committing all the sins of simply living happily

© The Sad Owl