Sun Dried


In the dark fearing

Hands of the clock stop

So minute, fragile and falling

Like the length of a hair stretched to its end

Broken and holding onto the faintest scent

So quiet like a ghostly whisper calling

Asking how was our time before then

Taken with the wind where it went

The way you sit in the moonlight

And glow brighter than the stars at night

Gone now with the days like my dreams

©  The Sad Owl

The Heart of Winter

Light whispers of something you said

Fill my ears with silent breaths

And wondrous 

Dreams of you fill my head

In flowered fields, to lay in beds

Far apart but still together

The greatest gift of my december

Just you breathing lightly

In cold air with a window open

And your smile is a sight to see

Something that keeps my hope in

All my love somehow reaching you

Where it is warm in winter weather

As I fall asleep, I still do

Want to remember

Every word you said

© The Sad Owl

Night Mare

The eyeless visionaries with dreams to disseminate 

When malice grips the heart it becomes a dark horse

Sight becomes marred as the dirt kicks up

Steam will exit the equine 

Short bursts of passion spurring forward

Until the marrow too runs dry 

When the sweet delight of high raised cheekbones

Turn to dust and whisper in the wind 

Lightly caressing the absence of a smile 

Tears fall on invisible fingertips 

Guiding them away to clear up the kaleidoscope

Fragmented and hurt 

Experiences and memories 

Clarity and hope fettered 

Praying for a key to the back of our minds

Bring us back to the stable

©️ The Sad Owl

Juvenile Dreams

Pray for me that heaven will take the wakefully 

Remembering the hall, leaned against the wall

You were waiting for me

A tired soul, writer’s block, a headache and a hole

Trying to iterate the words but a repeat won’t be whole 

Could you still stay for me

Walking away

You should have let me fall 

Making you cry

The way I still recall

Hell must have faith in me

Waiting out in the rain splashing puddles to hide your pain

Black mascara streams against a smile in vain 

Umbrella can’t stop the pain fully 

I can’t forgive myself for walking away from that little black cloud 

The way I look at it now, when I scream the thunder isn’t that loud 

My umbrella’s down for a memory

I look at it now, the stress and the press toward 

My dreams

Flipping my umbrella to make an inkpot that’s got

What seems 

To be the black of a make-up that won’t change 

What’s been

A mistake that’s been made by me 

I can’t forgive myself for not being able to hear

The words you always spoke faithfully

I’d reiterate the same belief 

Making our heaven a make-belief 

Sitting at the gate where you wait for me

The bell rings to go home and you’re all alone

Because heaven’s no place for me

So a little piece of heaven shouldn’t wait to be

The thing I see when I go to sleep 

Too blind by life to see my dreams and what means

The most to me

©️ The Sad Owl


What was it in my dreaming


Farewells final; waving hands


The motions of black and white film grain meander

The entities of my soul become indicators of my beings

Why so many?

I wonder are broken hearts bleeding

Leaking memories of times we forgot

A broken hourglass our clock

Losing time

And all that I’ve got

The afterthought of what now is not

© The Sad Owl

Morning Countdown

Lavender Lavender Lavender

The smell of her a reminder of how only in memories I will find her

Time blurs the images of those times and as I age I grow blinder

All life has a destination preset but on a different timer

Some countdown on clocks; others in sands

The grains slip through their fingers as they count the seconds down with their hands

Ten goes by too fast

Cats have too many lives

The rotation of infinity becomes finite

We are not so lucky to have second tries

I somehow still know your here

Not one of my senses though my dear

If all clovers grew like this

The third time would not be the charm

Just us entwined forever

Not much time remains till the alarm

Another dream from which I’m awoke


Another morning without you.

©The Sad Owl

The Shade

The opportunity finds itself

Wilting, fading to gray

Never here to stay

I failed to seize the day

And watched it slip away

Just out of reach

Where the rays of sun gleam

And I close my  eyes to sleep

In a shade of dreams

The cutrains close and open scenes

Passing in an instance

Or just to me it seems

Watching this play, pass by pass away

Under the shade of sleep where forever I will lay

And into never ending dreams where forever I will stay


The sky that day was grey and somber

With a happiness that turned to sadness

She went away like lightning

And the thunder of my choked up cries, they followed

And though the rain was heavy

The lightning still ignited fire in it’s tempest

She no longer the temptress

And like that it spread, a forest fire

My dreams reignited

Long forgotten in the days

Where the sky was blue

But now that blue lies with you

And in the light of day I hid away, for us

The sky with it’s clouds became a canvas

And on the grey and sullen, dirty peppered

Aged and cracked, face of mine

I opened my eyes to see the world

So that I could retake me

Not the sun or sky of a daydream happiness

But the courage to weather the storm and smile in the rain

Looking up with raindrops rolling down my chin and cheeks

Even in the miles of grey, it’s never been so clear