Slow Dance

A nervous mess

In the wake of what is

To finally meet you

Feet growing cold

Runaway with my heart

Not so bold

After all, spreading cold fingers apart

In my mind I dance with you to warm up

For what feels like the finish of a wait 

Is just the start

Of something great

Your doe eyes starry sparkles will cry mine dry

Every now and so I think I could die

When I hear you laugh, know your smile

In the aftermath of a mess too wild

Penning out the night sky just to be by your side

Sleeping peace inside

Calm collected stride

Dancing heart outside, back to life and to you

Let me hold you closer

© The Sad Owl

Old Visitor

Exquisite and cultured coriander sweat

Dripping expectation and runaway 

Small crumbs of bread in my hand

Pray for me and safe travel 

I’d sip wine the most bitter

If it could donate my will and hope

Blood that I have saved, all for you

Hundreds of drops

Slow and sincere, stepping on toes 

Heads down and apologetic prose 

Unable to dance in the vistas of northern India

My heart chilly as the night, whimpers 

Wanting to run right into your embrace

Always warm like the south 

Never jeering and undaunted 

With you my smile never faded

But that was a long time ago

Dance of Fate

Walk down the hall with me once more

Apparition in silk white smoke

Eerie halls of the past no longer lit

The stairs creak along this riven floor

A ballroom once filled of folk

Tales of a place now unfit

A Sundered ceiling exposes the crepuscular rays of moonlight

Vines hang from the cracks of moss ladened column heights

Lay your hand to rest in mine

We will walk this imperial staircase one last time

To dance the steps of fate

Innate to us as it was long ago

The songs of time they echo

Ethereal mist in your movement

So fluid to follow

More rhythm and rhyme than the hands of time

There is never enough

A deep breath to stain my lungs forever

This won’t last

Your features grow poignant in these final moments

You hold to me fast

Enveloping body I can’t hold any longer

Do not cry in front of our spectral onlookers

The fairies continue to dance until they fall to dust

A time ago of love and lust comes with an age that seems unjust

All times end, they must

The sun rises in erasure of days past

How fortunate we are to have had one more than our last