The ebb tide seems far with the reflection of the moon

Long orange streaks and golden ribbons in the afternoon

Starry tears fall with the flow lost in the majesty of the ocean 

In motion emotion clenching fists so tight as if to take beholden

Owing the gratitude to feel even if I don’t feel alright 

Throwing up an attitude carefree but in spite 

Despite the things I said, you said

My head, hold me

Lay me in your lap 

Like a dog loyal to a fault

I’ve laid here too long for your affections

And now need new direction

To walk away from promises of better

That will never 

If ever, the time is now

And we’ve run out

© The Sad Owl


Days go by and in some ways

I miss you less

In love this may be what portrays


Unforgiving and quick to assess

Unrelenting dreams a mess 

A couple mistakes and a couple regrets

In unison, walking away to try and forget

Some of the best days of our lives

© The Sad Owl