Daily dabble loose pen scribble


Ink so red with the correction of my heart

Arrhythmic beat that simply stops at the sight of you 


To me, wonder shines in your eyes like the Orion

Piercing gaze aimed true to my direction, I melt in your light

The crescent moon of your smile could devour my soul


Moonlit maiden, ethereal mist disappearing don’t go 

Fingertips fading as dusk to dawn, fireflies in the night 

The way you bite your lip holding back the tears I cannot 

Reflections of myself in disarray disappear with your sight  


In the morning I will loathe the sun 

Wince at the light

Dry throat but not from the heat 

To only wonder why 

Questions of where you’ve went

At the forefront of my mind

Dare me 

To follow you into eternal dark

Dancing forever blind 

In the starlight of your eyes

Dearest of mine

© The Sad Owl