Wooden Home

And you don’t have to build on this wooden home

With baseboards rotten and memories forgotten

The presence in vines coursing away and upward

Like old blood turned to mold onward to heaven

Reaching for the light

It’s dark now though and the winds are growing colder

The moon is light without the warmth

Night after the day

Wishing for something else to stay

Blue skies gone away

And you don’t have to come back

To this place

Or try

To do anything else with this frail frame

Nothing good can ever remain the same 

Let go and forget my name

© The Sad Owl

A Long Way From Yesterday

The darkness is crowding our light

Our shadows forced out of sight

And soon even us

Our eyes, ours fingers, our feet, our toes

The skies that once lingered where the sun no longer glows

The sounds of our voices grow distant, down the river flows

Water droplets slowly cease and even the small ripples of movement stop

I can no longer feel you here

The way I used to

I am alone now

©️ The Sad Owl

One Lonely Cigarette

Have you ever seen a cartoon?

A red headlamp under the moon?

The small orange at the end of a cigarette?

Like the smokey cloud of text defining a thought that spells regret

Flowing aptly in the quiet of cricket chirps by a lake

Imagination in place of the memories we create

To live, is it better to have lived as a fake?

In the moonlight and the lime, with red cherry on the cake

A mistake and one avoided

To be toyed with

Till the end of outlined fate

In the box we did not create

A mold cast that will sit and wait

To be free of ➖

What is a soul?

If not the thought like an infinite hole

The fissure of omission

To throw a coin and put your wish in

Well, I wish you well

As I twist out these last embers

The smoke can never last

©️ The Sad Owl

Lover’s Lament

It breaks my heart, again

To see us reassemble the pieces

Only to find that

This isn’t working out 

What was it I saw in your eyes

If they were not yours

When your voice went shrill

Or weak with fatigue

How I wanted to hold you

Carry you to a restful place

The silence in your breaths as you drift off

And I wished you sweet dreams

Now I wish you well

On the journey to find yourself

I walk my own way on an unknown path

A light so bright in which you won’t follow

So separate again 

Leave our middle hollow

Shaven bark makes us coarse

Distressed and with no discourse

No argument or flame

No beat or sounds the same 

Your laughter and smile if at the cost of my accuracy

I would fumble all of life to see and hear it

And perhaps that is why I should walk away

Before the sight of you holds me

The way I wanted to hold you

Until the very last moment

When you take my breath away 

© The Sad Owl

Clyde Ride

Drunken stupor in times bluer than a starless night sky

Sunken deep time becomes a blur and begs the question, I

No, that’s a lie

As I wonder why

I’m feeling bad about the way that I’m living

Too young to not rest in peace 

Too old to not have found it yet 

Too fast to stop so I cannot cease

Chasing dreams on which I bet

The past with you that had the keys

Stolen, driven golden, I see the sunset

But that was then

And in the end 

You’re too far in the rearview to look back now

© The Sad Owl

Whence Came You

Somewhere in the depths water drops off the tip of stalactites

Slowly free flowing, uneven decline, one after another in zig zag lines

Gently creeping, freefalling while sleeping, the echo of nothing 

Peacefully dreaming; a war in the mind laid to rest, no more weeping 

Seeping further into the earth’s hardened surface, wet and dark 

Cold and comforting, welcoming as death, as warm as your touch

With all the allure, why do you smile so brightly even where no one can see you?

© The Sad Owl

Still Here

Opulus I look fondly 

Lay my head in your lap

Peddle me your sincerity 

Brush my hair lightly

And say you’re right here

A cold hart at the end of its life

Races through the snow

Barren and without food 

I could not relate, feed my soul

You’re always right here 

Linger on and in between

Tingle in my thumb spreads until my whole hand’s numb

I can’t feel the sensation of your index resting in the middle of my palm

Like I used to. 

Small circles as you walk around me

Because you’re always right here

I have to confess that I’m not doing the best 

I’ll always love who I loved 

So I’ll just continue 

Waiting right here 

© The Sad Owl

Night Mare

The eyeless visionaries with dreams to disseminate 

When malice grips the heart it becomes a dark horse

Sight becomes marred as the dirt kicks up

Steam will exit the equine 

Short bursts of passion spurring forward

Until the marrow too runs dry 

When the sweet delight of high raised cheekbones

Turn to dust and whisper in the wind 

Lightly caressing the absence of a smile 

Tears fall on invisible fingertips 

Guiding them away to clear up the kaleidoscope

Fragmented and hurt 

Experiences and memories 

Clarity and hope fettered 

Praying for a key to the back of our minds

Bring us back to the stable

©️ The Sad Owl


I don’t think you quite understood

Pocket watch with cracked quartz

Hands still

Can no longer reach for you

Frigid heart

Like a deer in headlights

Lips tremble

Shaking tea cups create nervous encounters

Strangers hold hands

When the imminent will overtake them

Love blooms as deep as the rabbit hole

How far? I don’t know.

How long? I will never know.

© The Sad Owl

Runaway Anticipation

Breaking down anatomy

Lattice of our system chemically

Off the grid you won’t ever see me

Human desires; look upon me keenly

The hunt for the things that make us happy

Desperately, I run from obligations bound to trap me

How could it be you want the same so badly

Lust and love revolve in circles madly

A game of tag you almost had me

Time is never enough so sadly

Our feet are covered sandy

Slowing down; now knee deep, the hourglass succumbs to gravity

Cover us and all we see till nothing is left and we’ve had it we

Can no longer run in this desert under the sun, can it be?

The holes revealed in speculation of our little canopy

No longer shades your intentions for having me

Committing all the sins of simply living happily

© The Sad Owl