Thomas & Wisp : The Cavern

“Huh…” Wisp floated eerily as the only source of light in the cave.


“Where are we Thomas?”

“I don’t know…”

“It’s getting cold…”

“I know.” 

“So… When was the first time you ever felt scared” Wisp whispered hauntingly into Thomas’s ear.

Thomas exhaled a cloud of breath into the cold air.

“Well..” Thomas sighed once more, “I’m sure there were many times I was scared but..”

Wisp looked at Thomas as his eyes glazed over, almost as if he had left the room before his mouth began to resume moving.

“I remember being really scared when I was 10 or 11, I had stolen my first bike… You know, I just never had my own and I really wanted one to ride with my friends. Anyways, as I was riding away I heard a man yelling, it was the owner of the house, he turned the corner of the street so fast and I’ll never forget the look in his eyes.”

Thomas’s eyes now turned from glazed and empty to pinpointed and fixated, there was life, both in the colors of his iris and the grin strung across his cheeks.

“And I was so scared, but I knew that I loved the feeling.” Thomas said as he gently put his hand forward for Wisp to gently lay on. Then he slowly pulled her in closer.

Wisp looked up at Thomas’s face staring into the distance, resting on his chest, feeling the heartbeat of someone pedalling like the wind. There was something endearing in the air and the warmth against his chest was comforting. To Wisp his heart felt like an earthquake and the sound of a drum pounding thunderously in her ear. Yet at the same time, she could hear a smaller sound, reverberating through her, a small percussion much closer than even the tremor in Thomas’s chest, growing louder and more frequent. She began to tremble and suddenly she realized just how nervous she was, she too could feel afraid and like it. She curled up in his hand and closed her eyes as he held her even closer. Thomas then closed his eyes too as they lie against the cavern wall opting to sleep till morning.

©️ The Sad Owl