Is This Heartbreak?

There is a hole, heart blackened accent

Happy accident

Tears the soul apart, all when it went

The imminent 

Just like coal, start a fire in its burnt scent 

Not heaven sent

Hellish laughter followed after

Lost in math that hath no number 

Relished drafter, final product for her

Words that can only count the ways I loved you 

© The Sad Owl

In Your Absence

Slow drawn breath

Icy meander sliding down the corner of your mouth

The last smile left… 

Reflections in a river that is a single tear coming out 

Such a small world that left the universe where I lived

No longer looking back at my eyes now 

Holding on to something contrived as it no longer is

Yeah, all the things we did 

I can go back to asking myself just how 

Some die young while the others can only wish 

To not wilt so willfully 

Filled with hurt in me 

A house that is no home to me

As I grow alone I’ll be 

Stronger but still homesick

From the only place I knew

There with you


© The Sad Owl

Burn Out to Fade Away

Ocherous flame dances the same

Flicker and untamed, gentle crackles, call a name

Myrrh scented candles illuminate the room

One last time always seems to soon

Auburn hair burned wildly here

Memories of a yesteryear 

When they all finally burn out

So too will my heart melt like the wax

And into the dark with no whereabouts 

To stop and relax 

© The Sad Owl

Slow Dance

A nervous mess

In the wake of what is

To finally meet you

Feet growing cold

Runaway with my heart

Not so bold

After all, spreading cold fingers apart

In my mind I dance with you to warm up

For what feels like the finish of a wait 

Is just the start

Of something great

Your doe eyes starry sparkles will cry mine dry

Every now and so I think I could die

When I hear you laugh, know your smile

In the aftermath of a mess too wild

Penning out the night sky just to be by your side

Sleeping peace inside

Calm collected stride

Dancing heart outside, back to life and to you

Let me hold you closer

© The Sad Owl

Like We Used to…

It was like a dream

Till I said words I did not mean

Heard you cry your heart

And decide it best to part


There were a lot of ways

The way you laugh

The way you joke

The way you play

Fun and poke

Runaway and still I’ll say

I love you

Every way

Mean the world to me

And all my time

But soon we’ll be

Blurred in line

Losing something

Still on my mind

Enjoy the silence of you on the other side

And I’ve waited so long

To hear you call for me

The way you used to

© The Sad Owl

Life Happens

The distance grows further

With every word untouched

Your tongue used to transfer to mine

Everything you ever worried about

Sharing your grief, the sorrow

All goodnights and see you tomorrow

But the sun is up

And perhaps we have given

Far too much to simply walk away

A decision in a sky that’s gray

Where the light is hidden

As I happily hid in

The dark

© The Sad Owl