Along Came Amélie

Yellow sweater and sun faded jeans

In the middle of a crowd dancing, loud with screams

Doe brown eyes that sparkled like dreams

Held me captive in the corner of a seat

The closeness and quickness on the lap of a heat

Being trapped in a hunt somehow becomes a treat

So sweet your compliments, but sweeter the kisses

Just off your lips, a gaze that aims with no misses

I miss this

And sometimes I think

About you

For a second in passing

Before I even know what’s happening

I’m dancing

And I never dance

I don’t find it fun, at all.

But your smile so wide made room to move my feet

To the rhythm and beat

Guide me back to our seat

So we can talk about everything and nothing

Like a night that will disappear into the day

With closed lips I’ll say,

I wondered if we were something

More of you is what I wanted

But not needed 

I did not have it but, we did

Along came Amélie as she went 

Out of flashing lights and into the night

What a time well spent in a dream that I dreamt 

A midsummer night’s dream

© The Sad Owl

Published by

The Sad Owl

I'm just here. Until I'm not.

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