Lover’s Lament

It breaks my heart, again

To see us reassemble the pieces

Only to find that

This isn’t working out 

What was it I saw in your eyes

If they were not yours

When your voice went shrill

Or weak with fatigue

How I wanted to hold you

Carry you to a restful place

The silence in your breaths as you drift off

And I wished you sweet dreams

Now I wish you well

On the journey to find yourself

I walk my own way on an unknown path

A light so bright in which you won’t follow

So separate again 

Leave our middle hollow

Shaven bark makes us coarse

Distressed and with no discourse

No argument or flame

No beat or sounds the same 

Your laughter and smile if at the cost of my accuracy

I would fumble all of life to see and hear it

And perhaps that is why I should walk away

Before the sight of you holds me

The way I wanted to hold you

Until the very last moment

When you take my breath away 

© The Sad Owl

Published by

The Sad Owl

I'm just here. Until I'm not.

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