I could fall asleep

Content with whatever outcome

If I die then

Let the decay of my small crown

Holding on to a blackened tooth

Procelain keys that rang out

Words about you

And a quilled tongue

Gently feathering

All the fine details

Send notes of your highness

©️ The Sad Owl

Published by

The Sad Owl

I'm just here. Until I'm not.

2 thoughts on “Loyal”

  1. “Gently feathering all the fine details ” wow. So beautifully written .

    I watched it passed right through me.
    My soul.
    My heart stopped and knees dropped onto a cold stone floor.
    My eyes still pried and staring, watched the thin white veil pass.
    I tried to hold on.
    There wasn’t much time.
    I was breaking down, minute by minute.
    I endeavored to reach.
    My soul snickered and moved an inch.
    “Time is up,”was all I heard.
    All went dark.
    I could feel nothing more.

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  2. Beautiful and sad, I hope you are doing well, it’s so nice to see you again! You are still as talented as ever.
    “My soul snickered and moved an inch”
    Heart bewitched, played a tune to which
    I wondered if you still feel me
    In ghastly; terrifying aptly
    I held out my hands on glass panes
    Asking if I would ever see you again
    I only heard the rain on the other side
    Drowning out the voices that spoke to me
    Moved from somewhere a soul once thrived
    Laughing an inch away from just alive.


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