Juvenile Dreams

Pray for me that heaven will take the wakefully 

Remembering the hall, leaned against the wall

You were waiting for me

A tired soul, writer’s block, a headache and a hole

Trying to iterate the words but a repeat won’t be whole 

Could you still stay for me

Walking away

You should have let me fall 

Making you cry

The way I still recall

Hell must have faith in me

Waiting out in the rain splashing puddles to hide your pain

Black mascara streams against a smile in vain 

Umbrella can’t stop the pain fully 

I can’t forgive myself for walking away from that little black cloud 

The way I look at it now, when I scream the thunder isn’t that loud 

My umbrella’s down for a memory

I look at it now, the stress and the press toward 

My dreams

Flipping my umbrella to make an inkpot that’s got

What seems 

To be the black of a make-up that won’t change 

What’s been

A mistake that’s been made by me 

I can’t forgive myself for not being able to hear

The words you always spoke faithfully

I’d reiterate the same belief 

Making our heaven a make-belief 

Sitting at the gate where you wait for me

The bell rings to go home and you’re all alone

Because heaven’s no place for me

So a little piece of heaven shouldn’t wait to be

The thing I see when I go to sleep 

Too blind by life to see my dreams and what means

The most to me

©️ The Sad Owl

Published by

The Sad Owl

I'm just here. Until I'm not.

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