Sit alone in solemnity 

I wonder with gaze averted

The small portrait of a face no longer for this world

Smiles as you held my brother and me

Raised us, higher than the skies to where I now look

The stars dim as my dreams sit bright in the night sky from below

No questions of these hopes I had shared with you in secret

Every night we wished to see tomorrow, together

Life is not a measure of time but the distance that grows between people

Consciously immeasurable and…

Somewhat saddening

Delightful days pass in an instant

Bloom fragile and wilt dreadfully

Leaving me to wonder, what was it that I was looking for in the sky?

Was it still my dreams or hoping for signs that you were still somewhere?

© The Sad Owl

Published by

The Sad Owl

I'm just here. Until I'm not.

7 thoughts on “Sanctum”

    1. Thank you! I’m not sure if that’s a general question or in relation to this particular piece. However here, It was “my brother and I” plural form requires and I since it wasn’t just myself. But in general you certainly would use “you held me” and not “you held I” (i.e; the way you held me, the way I held you).

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  1. no matter the number, The Sad Owl, my understanding of grammar tells me to write, “Mother sent Tommy and me to the store” because she would never send I to the store. perhaps I was poorly schooled, but that’s the way I was taught that construction.
    most people, carpenters, plumbers, professional athletes, and such, never consider these trivial matters, but poets, novelists, and journalists are called to a more precise standard. I hope you have a most pleasant day. . . j

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    1. On a second read I realize you are correct because my brother and me were the object of the situation so you are in fact correct. I strive to better myself everyday. Thank you for that! I went ahead and corrected it. (Which I’d like to add is quite funny in hindsight because I even gave the reason for the correction myself as well when removing the party with “held me, held you” but held I wouldn’t work of course), I usually write these late at night so I’ll falsely chalk it up to that and call it a day haha. Thank again J for interjecting and helping me correct that error!

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