One Wrong is no Right

It was wrong of me but the only right thing to do

As the red in your cheeks turned to pure porcelain 

What else could I do but hold a hand to them as the color drained

The warmth of your skin fled till only cold remained

The purse of your lips now wide open would no longer call my name 

How could I say we would be happy, you were my happiest 

The most important woman of my life, became my sadness

For all the smiles and time you gave me

I could only return this one moment with tears

The greatest treasure of my world & in it my darkest fears

That all we ever had, would surely one day disappear 

The last time would be like the first, as I held you near

Our hearts stopped for just a moment 

But this time would not be the same after

Or ever again

The time we spent filling our lives 

With places and memories that have left me

Without one half the other becomes empty 

Two optimists are bound for the disaster 

That is, there is no happily ever after

©The Sad Owl

Published by

The Sad Owl

I'm just here. Until I'm not.

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