Clothes in the Dryer

I tried

For a long time


A loss of mine

Everyday I read the labels and their instructions

You and I pulled by cables at first introductions

The fabric of my favorite tee shirt

Was now less tightly woven than my heart strings

We laughed and smiled a flirt

But messy acts of two eventually only brings

The unwanted stain of dirt

While we had fun my wardrobe no longer had order or appeal

I prided myself in it because it only mattered how you and I would feel

But one day at the restaurant you threw me a napkin

And with disgust you said, “clean yourself up”

I wiped ketchup at the corner of my lip, how could this happen

You said I had no self respect and that you had enough

But this mustard stain was my favorite

Simply because… You made it

As you walked away forever I realized

How horrible my favorite shirt did look

After the wash I sent it to be dried

Not only my heart you took

My favorite tee shirt would never look or fit the same

I ignored the labels and instructions and did not air dry it

I have only myself to blame

© The Sad Owl

Published by

The Sad Owl

I'm just here. Until I'm not.

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