Etymology of Hurrah

Winds of sylph carry the autumn leaves

Memories cut deep; sharper than Mistilteinn

Dancing in the air, slowly the world tree weaves

A fate by which the gods could have never seen



The sunrises

Hot air

Unbearable the heat

Dries the lands

The crops of fields become ash

No rain to replete

Soils become sands

The anger of a distant land


Thor walks nine paces


His head races

The world serpent had won

The true story known by none

A golden ship in the sky appeared that day

Ornate, decorated in sunlight rays

It sailed all the seas to finally find its prey

The valkyries boarded to sing of life

The true creator had arrived

Old foes, the serpent spoke in ancient tongues screaming the poison of atma

Engulfing the world in black, crushing it and all life under the smoke and its body

The ship sailed through this darkness cutting it

At lightning speed the blinding image of a cat dashed through the poisonous gas

The long eve of deception had finally passed

How ironic.

The world saved

Generations of different songs

Many whom have got it wrong

Fight their wars and battles

Celebrate of names in tattle

Idol gossip

But still somehow, in the light of new days

Under the sun they call out in joy and victory to the one

Saviour not remembered

So they say

Who? Ra!

©The Sad Owl

Published by

The Sad Owl

I'm just here. Until I'm not.

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